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What won't they eat???

Just think, if the fish has spines or has a wider and taller body than your frogs mouth then the fish can live with your frog.
Fish like this include:
Large Goldfish
Large Pangasius catfish
Medium + African Knife fish.
Medium + Silver Dollars.


An Albino Corydoras

Please Note:  Many people disagree with keeping fish with frogs,
I have been able to keep the fish species opposite happily with
my frogs, it's your choice.  But please remember that if you do
choose to keep fish with your frogs, the fishes or frogs may be harmed.
**WARNING:  Corydoras catfish are one of the most dangerous fish to keep with your frog they have spines which can choke the frog if it decides to eat the fish.  I have Corydoras listed on this site because I personally have not had any problems with them, but thanks to several emails I now know other people have.  If you choose to keep them it will be at your frogs own risk.

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