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The Grow - A - Frog Diary.  Christine - a new ACF keeper
placed an order with the Grow a Frog company, and has
kindly agreed to keep a diary of events, to help possible
future GAF owners know what is involved.  Thank You
Christine for agreeing to do this. Pictures are near
bottom of the page with relevant dates underneath.
Check Back Regularly for Updates!

2-27-03 / 27-2-03

Hi Everyone!

My name is Christine, and this is my first Diary Entry.
I'm going to document my ACFs growth from start
to maturity and you get to follow along.  :-)

I placed an order for a TadVentures kit with on February 20, 2003. The
TadVentures kit consists of a Stage 2 tank, food
and accessories with 3 tadpoles. I can hardly
wait for them to arrive! I already have their names
picked out - Kendra, Nellie and Kid ;-)

When my kit arrives, I'll take pictures so that you
guys can see what the tad's look like. ;-)

I would like to thank Chris for suggesting this - Great Idea, Chris!!
February 28, 2003

Yippie!! They've arrived!!

I was a bit concerned because my tadpoles and
kit were shipped from Grow a Frog on Monday
and it's now Friday. I've been in touch with GAF,
they are very nice people by the way - they
guarantee live delivery so if by some chance
one of my tad's didn't make the trip, they
would send me another one. :-)

Anyway, I got my tad's - Kendra, Nellie and Kid.
One seems to be larger than the other two, so
I'm assuming she's a female, she's Kendra. The
smallest of the three is Kid and the middle guy
is Nellie.

I set them up in their habitat, which is a Perfect
starter for any of you who are looking to start out. ;-)
Kendra and Nellie are doing Perfect! They are swimming
around, tail up - which is sapposed to mean they are
content but I'm a bit worried about Kid. He's just
laying there.............not looking so good. :-( 
I'm hoping he'll snap out of it - maybe he's just
tired from his trip.

Oh, and all of them have back legs growing too!!
*hehe* it's so cute!!

March 3, 2003

Ok, I got home from work today to find 2 of my
tadpoles floating at the top of the water. They
seemed to be breathing more heavily than normal,
like they are gasping for air. I immediately became

I wanted them for several mins and after much debating,
finally convinced myself they needed more oxygen. I emptied
2 small cups of water and replaced them with fresh
dechlorinated water.

They all seem to be doing better *whew*   -  I don't know if
that's what the problem was, I just made a judgement call. :-)

Again, I don't know if there even was a problem - I know ACF's
come from stagnant waters so I didn't think they would run
out of oxygen so quickly.

Anyway, they all seem to be doing better in my opinion so that's
all i'm worried about. :-)

March 5, 2003

Hi everyone! Just a quick status check - all 3 tads
are doing well. :-)

I think I can see a little bit of growth - I've
attached a pic, take a look and see if they look bigger to you. ;-)

My scare the other day, when I thought the tads
were running out of oxygen, may have been due
to overfeeding. Chris, my personal "ACF Expert"
informed me that if tads are overfed, they will
appear to pass out at the top of the water.
Since they are filter feeders, consuming tiny
particals of food in the water with each breath -
they are unable to seperate oxygen from the
water and food.

I've decreased the amount of food I give
them and all seems to be well. :-)

March 14, 2003

Well, I bought an aquarium yesterday- my tads
soon to be new home. :-) I got a 29gallon with
the Eclipse System. What really attracted me
to this particular system is that the Eclipse
has everything enclosed in the lid on the
tank. The light, filter, cartridge, bio wheel,
pump and all is enclosed in this nice little package
- no unsightly hoses and cords hanging down
everywhere AND no hole for froggies to
escape through!!! ;-)

The only drawback in my mind is that the Eclipse
only comes in certain sizes and it was either get
a 29 gallon or a 55 and I didn't want to go that big.
 So, i think this size will do just nicely for now.

Oh, I also ordered 2 albino froglets from grow a frog,
they should be here next week. I will then have 4 frogs,
I'm going to give Bernie to my son since he is now also in love
with them! He's going to keep him in a 6 gallon Eclipse
tank in his room.

Anyway, i've attached the best picture i could get of Kendra,
 her back legs have gotten much bigger and I can see
her stretching them and moving her toes. *smile*  I tried
to get a good shot of her, you can see her legs but she
looks so much more awesome in person!

I'll write again when I get the albino's and I'll post a pic
of them as well.  I am so excited about my ACF's and can't
wait for them to morph so that I can set them up in their
20th March 2003
Hi Everyone!!!

Well, it is March 20th and quite a bit has happened
since my last entry.

First of all, Bernie my sickly tad is looking very bad - I
don't know if he's going to survive. He hasn't grown a
bit and just doesn't look well, he bobs around the top,
rolling from side to side. :-(

Nellie is doing well, he's had a bit of back leg growth
and I think I see arm buds on him as well.

Kendra has just Blossomed, she has all legs and is
almost twice the size of her tank mates. :-) 

Also, I got another kit from!! :-)
I bought the black n white kit, it comes with
everything that my first kit came and 2 albino
froglets instead of tads. It came yesterday and
I couldn't be more pleased!! The only thing about
this shipment is that I received one albino and
one pigmented froglet. is a great company, I called
them and they are shipping me another albino
froglet free of charge. And i get to keep the
pigmented one too. :-)   I've decided to name the
albino that has already arrived, Casper - what
do you think??

Anyway, if you guys have any questions - feel free
to contact me! just click on the email link on this site.

Until next time,
Christine :-)


20th March

20th March

15th March

5th March.

New GAF Tadpoles!

Questions?/Comments?  Email:  with Subject: GAF Diary.