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How to keep your Frog Healthy.

There are some Key things to do to keep your frogs healthy.
They are:
Good Diet - A Heathy frog needs a healthy diet.  This must consist of the
correct foods that include vitamins and calcium.  A mixture of Frozen,
freeze dried and pellet foods and maybe a few insects will make up
a great diet.
Good Environment - Your frog needs enough space to swim around with
its legs stretched fully out.  Good hiding places are also very important
as these make your frogs feel safe and secure and not stressed.
Good Water Quality - Good water quality is important because the frogs
stay in it 24/7.  No salt and No metal in their water - it's posinous to
them!  You should use a water prep chemical such as Tetra Aquasafe
to treat the water vefore you put it in the tank.  There must be no
Chloromines, and Aquasafe eliminates all of the harmful products in
tap water.
Healthy Frogs to Start With
When you are buying your frog you need to pick an active, healthy
one.  Make sure it has both eyes, all it'as skin, no fungus growths,
both its eyes and all of it's limbs.  If it has everything in the right places,
nothing missing and is swimming around the tank quickly then it is healthy!
I feel that African Clawed frogs should be kept in pairs or more as they
appear to like company of their own kind.
Clean Conditions
With Clean water, stones and ornaments there will be less bacteria than
in a dirty tank.  This will keep your frogs healthy and make them live

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