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Other Sicknesses

African Clawed frogs can also suffer from a lot of other problems which may affect their health.

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Heart Attack: This may cause death, although if it doesn't symptoms will include - Lethargic behaviour, Not eating, Paler than usual skin, strange swimming stroke. Heart Attacks can be caused if the water is too warm, their heart rate is affected by their external surroundings. If it is cold then their heart rate will be slow, if it is hot their heart rate will be fast, if it's too hot the heart may not be able to take the strain.

Stroke: This is when blood flow to the brain is decreased due to a blocked vessel or burst small vessel. Symptoms of this may include Lethargic behaviour, not eating, unable to move back or front legs/arms, continuous trembling of a limb or unable to regulate balance in the water. Strokes can caused by stress caused by handling or movement of the tank, they can also be caused by feeding too much fatty foods like bacon fat etc., and temperature fluctuations can also be a cause.

Spinal Injuries: Spinal Injuries are rare, but they can occur. If the frogs is startled it may swim quickly smack bang straight into the side of the tank with it's head, this can damage the spine or if the frog has managed to get itself stuck in a tight spot and it has to bend a lot to escape an injury may occur. Rough handling can also be a cause. Symptoms include back or front legs not working well, squirming when at rest or unusually slow swimming.

Broken Bones: Broken bones can also occur if the frog is attacked, escapes or is handled roughly. Fingers and toes that are broken do not pose a problem to the frog but broken arms or legs may do. I suggest you visit a vet if this happens.

Metabolic Bone Disease: Clawed frogs can also suffer from something called Metabolic Bone disease, this is where bones grow weak or deformed through lack of correct vitamins and calcium. If a correct diet is fed then this will not be a problem. You can visit this site to find out more:

Bowel Obstruction: Bowel Obstructions are quit common, many owners get worried that they've seen their frogs eat a piece of gravel. It usually passes through. On some occasions, though, it doesn't. It cause a bowel obstruction. Symptoms of this include Lethargic Behaviour, not eating and a large lump visible in the bowel. You should watch carefully to see if it passes, if it doesn't it may cause death. You should seek the advice of a vet.

Tumours: Tumours occasionally occur in African clawed frogs, they appear as a small or large reddened or pale lump underneath the skin. They can be fatal but many frogs will have it for their whole lives with no adverse affects. As long as they appear healthy - they usually are.

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