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How to Feed your Frog


Finding something that your frog doesn't like to eat is a challenge!  They are greedy and eat anything remotely edible that they like the taste of and that they can fit into their mouths!

Freeze Dried Bloodworm and Tubifex Blocks

Things you can feed your frog:
Bloodworm, Frozen and Dried.
Tubifex Worm
Chopped Earthworm.
Cooked pieces of prawn.
Ham (Unspiced, UnSalted, UnFlavoured, UnColoured ham)
Chicken Liver
Brine Shrimps
Mosquito Larvae
Pieces of Cat and Dog Food (Only very Occasionally)
Tetra Reptomin Floating Food Sticks

All frogs have different likes and dislikes so I suggest that you try lots of different foods and use the ones that the frog eats more quickly- this means they like the taste.

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