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What Size can they grow to?

African Clawed Frogs, unlike the Dwarf Clawed frogs can grow to very large sizes. 
The females are generally bigger and fatter than the males, who are small and slim. 
The females have a bigger appetite and eat more than the males. 
Especially during breeding.
From Nose to Top of Thigh.
Age:           Male              Female
Changed    1inch+             1inch+ 
3 Months    2inches+        2.2inches+
6 Months    2.5inches+       3inches+
9 Months     3inches+        4inches+
12 Months     3inches+       4.5inches+
2 Years        4inches+          5 inches+
Sizes are based on frogs fed a good diet in correct temperatures etc.
Your Frog May be bigger or smaller at each age depending on it's environment.
Natural coloured frogs also tend to grow large than Albino ones.
The weight of the frogs is: Males up to 60 grams and Females up to
200 grams

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