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Rearing the Tads!

You should make sure that the water is quite warm (about 24-26'c), you can use an aquarium heater for this, so that they will grow reasonably quickly.  Never touch or catch the tadpoles in a net because they are EXTREMELY delicate.  The clawed frog tadpoles are not like other tadpoles because they do not eat decaying material and fish food like other tadpoles, they filter feed.  This means that they eat microscopic food particles dissolved into the water.  Feed them spinach.  To prepare the spinach boil the leaves until they are soft and green, then blend them into a thick soup in a blender, put a few drops of this(one drop for every 2/3 tadpoles when small and one each when they get bigger) into the water to feed them (1-2 times daily)  If it takes them less than 1.4 hours to clear the water they are not getting enough food, feed them more, if they are taking longer than 1.5 hours to eat they are being over fed. Feed less.
It is a good idea to have a slow bubbling air stone in the tank with them to give them plenty of oxygen.  You should change 1/2 of the water once a week and do a full change every 16 days.  Tadpoles will take approx. 8 weeks to turn into froglets.

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click here to download file

Download TadVid2 here, TadVid1 link above.

Click the links above to download the short (2 second) videos of some of my Albino African Clawed frog tadpoles. (You may have to turn the brightness on your screen up.)

*PLEASE NOTE:  Some scientific research has shown that Tadpoles fed purely on spinach may die of Kidney problems during metamorphosis,  I have never found this to be a problem but please keep it in mind when you rear your tads! 

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