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Making your Frog a Home!


To make your frog/s a perfect home you will need the following items:
A 50cm (or more) long Glass or plastic Fish tank.
A Bag or two of medium sized gravel (any colour)
A small 'stick on the side' filter.
A few ornaments large enough for your frog to hide in.
Some plastic or real underwater plants (tough leafed)
Plenty or treated tap water.
First set up the tank on a completely level surface on top of
some polystyrene tiles.
Wash the gravel in warm water until the water comes out clean (3-4 rinses)
Carefully pour gravel into the tank until there is a level 1 1/2 inches depth.
Carefully put in the ornaments and plants
then attach the filter to the side of the tank with suction cups(if you have a filter)
Treat how ever much water you need with a chemical destroyer such as Tetra Aquasafe.
Pour the water in, wait for it to warm to room temperature, then add the frog/s!

There's no place like home!

Things NOT to do!:
1)Put unwashed gravel in your tank.
2)Use sharp ornaments or glass.
3)Use metal objects such as coins, these are EXTREMELY poisonous to the frogs.
4) Do not put your frogs in hot water
5)Make sure you treat the tap water, if you use any.
Main, Important things you need to know:
1)  Use clean, treated tap, spring or rain water.
2)  Temperature Range Tolerated: 68-75 'F
3)  Water pH Tolerated:  pH 6.5 - 8.5
4)  No Salts, Metals or Chemicals.
5) Access to Fresh air is Important.
African Clawed frogs do not needing lighting in their aquarium, although it will not harm them if you do have it and it will make them easier to see.  You should use the correct type of glow tube which you can buy at the pet store, not too bright or too dull.  The light should not be left on for the whole day, you can put it onto a timer for when you want it to switch off or on.

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