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There are many types of sub-species within the Xenopus specie.


Pictured above are four of the Xenopus Species: Xenopus tropicalis;
Xenopus muelleri; Xenopus borealis; Xenopus wittei.
There are many other species of Xenopus including: X. clivi, X. gilli,
X. vestitus, X.laevis.  There are others but I'm not sure of all of them. 
There are only slight colour, size or shape differences between the species.
The Scientific Classification of the African Clawed Frog is:
Kingdom:  Animalia
Phylum:  Chordata
Class:   Lissamphibia
Order:  Anura
Family:   Pipidae
Genus:  Xenopus
Species:  laevis, borealis etc.
Full List of Xenopus Sub-species:

Xenopus amieti

Xenopus andrei

Xenopus borealis

Xenopus boumbaensis

Xenopus clivii

Xenopus fraseri

Xenopus gilli

Xenopus laevis

Xenopus largeni

Xenopus longipes

Xenopus muelleri

Xenopus pygmaeus

Xenopus ruwenzoriensis

Xenopus vestitus

Xenopus wittei

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