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African Clawed Frogs come in a wide range of Colours and Patterns!!


Believe it or not, all of these squares of colour and patterns
 have been taken from pictures of African Clawed Frogs. 
They just show how different the skin colouration and
pattern can be between individuals of the Clawed Frog family.
All of the pictures were of Xenopus Laevis.  African
Clawed Frogs come in an extremely wide range or
colours and practically no two are exactly the same.
They come in:  Black, Albino, Albino Reticulated,
Grey, Green, Olive, Brown, Purple, Blue, Red -
Only kidding about the last three but they do come
 in a large variety of colours and mixtures.
What colour is your frog?  Does it have a special
pattern on it's skin?
If it does email me a picture and I'll post it on this page.

Questions?/Comments? Email