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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about African Clawed Frogs.

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Where do they come from originally?

As the name suggests they come from ponds and slow flowing rivers in Southern Africa.

What is that tail between my adult frogs legs? Is it part of a tail that never got absorbed?

The tail between the legs of your adult frog is an ovipositor, this means your frog is female.

Why are there black bits on my frogs inner arms?

The Black Strip on the inner arms of your frog are Nuptial pads, these are used during mating to hold on to slippery females.  It means your frog is male.

How big can they get?

You should have a look at the How Big do they get page of this site.

When they breed, how many eggs can they lay?

Anywhere from 100 to 2000 eggs can be laid in a single mating.

How long does it take for the tadpoles to change into a frog?

The tadpole will take anywhere from 6 weeks to two months to change into a froglet, depending on temperature, water quality and foods.

Why dont my new clawed frog tadpoles eat the shrimp pellets like the adults do?

African Clawed Frog Tadpoles are filter feeders, this means they catch small microscopic foods from in the water  in their gills and swallow it.

What temperature does the water need to be?

You can keep the frogs anywhere from 60'F to 75'F.

Should I use an electric filter or under gravel one?

Both are good forms of filteration but many frog owners suggest using an undergravel filter system.

Why are they called Clawed Frogs?

They are called Clawed Frogs because of the small claws they have on their last three toes of each foot.

Can more than one frog live together?

Yes, these frogs like company of their own kind.

Can I hold my frog?

Not really as they are very slippery and you may drop and hurt or loose your frog.

Why is my frog so slippery?

The frog is so slippery because it has a protective slime layer over its skin to keep it healthy.

What do I feed my frog?

You should see the Feeding section of this site.

Do I need to treat the tap water with anything before I put it in the Tank?

Yes, you should use a de-chlorinator chemical such as Tetra Aqua Safe to treat the water in the frog tank.

What does Xenopus mean?

Xenopus, from what I have been told means 'Strange foot' .

What does ACF stand for ?

ACF stands for African Clawed Frog.

What does DCF stand for?

DCF stands for Dwarf Clawed Frog.

Where can I buy an African Clawed Frogs?

You should see the Where can I buy Clawed frogs section of this site, or if you don't want to buy online you should call all your local pet stores and ask whether they stock them.

How often do I change the water?

A quarter of the water should be changed once a week and a full change should be done every month.

How often should I feed my frog?

Once a day or once every two days is fine.

Do they need an air pump?

Adults do not, unless you're using it for an undergravel filter but tadpoles benefit from having one.

My frog isnt moving, its just sitting there - does this mean its dead?

No, the frogs often rest, very still for long periods of time.  If it is not on it's back then it's probably just resting.


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