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So You Have Eggs?                      

Once the pair of frogs have mated and laid eggs you're likely to see a lot of them scattered around the tank, if you want to try and raise them it's important to either remove the parents or remove the eggs that you want to raise - otherwise they will become dinner for the parents.  The eggs should hatch within 24 hours and you'll know if they are fertile as they start to change shape into a 'jellybean'.  When hatched the tadpoles will hang from the side of the tank for a while - you don't need to feed them until 2 days after they become free swimming as they are still digesting their egg yolk and feeding too early can cause water quality issues.  Unlike the tadpoles of other species of frog African Clawed frog tadpoles filter feed. I.e. They do not use mouthparts to pick off small pieces of algae etc, they filter water through a special set of gills and eat the tiny particles that are suspended in it.  They are constantly swimming and never rest at the bottom, their tail looks like a flickering flame. 

Raising Tadpoles

You need to allow each tadpole around a pint of water to avoid overcrowding.  once the tadpoles are free swimming add in an air stone on a very low flow (so not to disturb the water) and make sure the temperature stays around 24 degrees celsius.  They are several types of food that can be fed to the tadpoles, powdered egg is an ideal food, Liquifry No.1fry food (if you can find it in your local LFS), Goldfish flakes ground extremely finely with mortar and pestle and Spirulina powder are all good food sources.  All of the above should be mixed with water to make a cloudy 'soup' before feeding - the water in the tadpole tank should be slightly cloudy after you've added their soup so the tadpoles can filter out the food.  They should clear the water in a few hours - if it takes longer then this you are feeding too much - feed them once a day, overfeeding is a big problem as it reduces the amount of oxygen the tadpoles can gain from the water and suffocates them.  It's important to make sure the water quality is the best it can be, so change 60% of it daily and replace with fresh water of the same temperature.  These tadpoles are very delicate and shouldn't ever be touched with your hand or with a net and never removed from the water, if you need to move them you must pour them with water into a new contain or transport tub.  It will take 4-6 weeks for the tadpole to change into frogs.  When you see the tadpoles have their front and back limbs and begin the settle on the bottom stop feeding as they will begin to absorb their tails (bear in mind that tadpoles with change at different rates, so you may need to separate out frogs if there are still small tadpoles in the batch).  Once the froglets have absorbed their tails you can try and tempt them to eat solid foods like frozen bloodworms and small pellet foods.