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Feeding Your Frog

Finding something your frog won't like to eat will be a challenge.  These frogs love to eat!  A variety of commercially prepared foods are now available - 1 type is Tetra Reptomin pellets.  These pellets are specially formulated for feeding to aquatic frogs and Turtles and make an ideal staple diet.  Freeze-dried Tubifex worm blocks can also be a convenient staple food, if supplemented with other bits and pieces.   Live Guppies can also be exciting for the frogs as in the wild they would eat small fish as part of their natural diet.  Note that Goldfish shouldn't be fed as they contain an enzyme called Thiaminase that causes a lack of Vitamin B, which will eventually make your frog sick.

Trial and error will help you find out what foods your frog likes best.  If any food is left uneaten for more than 2 hours you should remove it so the water doesn't become fouled. 

How much and how often should I feed?

Feed as much food as your frog will eat in 5 minutes, feeding in small pieces no bigger than the size of the frogs back foot.  Wait until the frog has swallowed its food completely before feeding anymore.  

You can drop food into the water and the frog will find it using their keen sense of smell (you'll know they've smelt it if they start to wave their hand towards their mouth), you could also try feeding with a pair of long tweezers, a skewer or even your fingers!  African clawed frogs will readily accept being hand fed and can become very tame once they associate you with their dinner.  

Froglets should be fed twice daily until they look like they have added some muscle to their legs then they can be fed once daily until they are a year old.  After a year old frogs can be fed once every two to three days.