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All About African Clawed Frogs

It's All About African Clawed Frogs - Our OWN range.
About Clawed Frogs
African DWARF Clawed Frogs
Where can I Buy Clawed Frogs?
Rachels Frog Adoption Centre
Housing your Frog
Skin Shedding?
How Big do they Get?
How Long do they Live?
Keeping Them Healthy
How to Tell the Boys from the Girls
What do ACF's sound like?
Breeding Clawed Frogs
Rearing the Tadpoles
Common Diseases
Other Illness
Disease, Illness and Injury Pictures
Disease and Illness in Detail
Do you Need help? - Contact Form.
Internal Organ Pictures
Endangered Clawed frog: Xenopus gilli
Xenopus Species and Classification
Useful Products
Fish to Keep with My Frog
Clawed Frog Videos
Skin Colour Variations
Science and ACF's
Interesting Facts!
Pet ACF Photo's
Christine's Grow A Frog Diary
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Pages Coming Soon.
Submit your ACF story!
Your Feedback
Clawed Frog Chat
African Clawed Frog Survey.

Our Own Range of products JUST for Xenopus and Hymenochirus species.

Many US residents have now enquired about the Clawed Frog

booklet which I have written, and when it will be available in

the United States. Good news, I can now send it to the US!

The A5 sized booklet (12 pages) Facts and Tips about Clawed

Frogs is NOW available in the USA and the UK. It contains

basic information about Feeding, Frog Sizes, Sexing, Breeding,

Common Diseases, Parts of the Frog, FAQ's, Filtration, Rearing

Tadpoles, Captive Habitat and Preventing Frog Escapes. The UK

price is 2 and the US price is $5. Both of these prices include postage.

To celebrate the Booklet now being available to people in the US, When

you purchase a booklet you will receive a FREE 30ml Tetra Aqua Safe

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If you choose to purchase a booklet, you can pay in cash (not advisable) or

by Cheque which you should send to me by post.

Please include your Name, Email address, Full Postal Address, and how many

booklets you wish to purchase, in both the email and separately on a slip of paper

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(Booklet will be despatched once payment is received)

If you would like to purchase a Booklet please SEND A NOTIFICATION OF SALE EMAIL

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